Specialised Translations




I provide translations of various factual and specialized texts from different subject areas and my language pairs are the following:


English → German

German → English

French → German

© Lisa-Theresa Hoschek
© Lisa-Theresa Hoschek

Your benefits

  • Court-certified interpreter/translator
  • Competent consultation during the entire project
  • Professional translator and interpreter (university education, relevant experience, continuous training)
  • Double-checking principle (each and every translation is revised by another translator)
  • Modern technologies (the latest CAT tools and software programs)
  • Meticulous preparation for each individual assignment
  • Absolute punctuality and adherence to delivery dates
  • Accuracy and attention to detail

Areas of specialisation


various areas

  • summons and notifications
  • interrogations
  • forms
  • contracts
  • etc.


Medical technology

  • study documents
  • manuals
  • guides
  • surveys
  • questionnaires
  • etc.

Sports and Health

various sports/areas

  • volleyball, ice hockey, skiing, tennis, etc.
  • disabled sports
  • sports/occupational medicine
  • etc.

Double-checking principle

As a rule, I usually work according to the double-checking principle (translation + revision by a second translator). This enables me to guarantee the excellent quality of my translations. In a revision, the original text (source text) is compared with the translation (target text) and any necessary corrections are made by the other translator before the translation is delivered. It is important to me that the revising translator is a native speaker of the target language.


During this process, the focus lies on the following aspects:

  •     Spelling, typing errors, punctuation
  • Syntax (sentence structure and word order)
  • Grammar
  • Completeness and clarity of the content
  • Text function
  • Coherent and consistent wording (subject area)

  This quality control allows me to provide you with top-quality translations.