Translating is all about rendering the meaning of a 

written source-language text in a target language

It is imperative that the translation conveys the same meaning as the original.


I provide translations of various factual and specialised texts from different subject areas and my language pairs are the following:

English → German

German → English

French → German

© Lisa-Theresa Hoschek
© Lisa-Theresa Hoschek

Areas of specialisation


Pharmacy and

medical technology

  • study documents
  • manuals
  • guides
  • surveys
  • questionnaires
  • etc.


various areas


  • summons and notifications
  • interrogations
  • forms
  • contracts
  • etc.

Sports and health

various sports/areas


  • volleyball, ice hockey, skiing, tennis, etc.
  • disabled sports
  • sports/occupational medicine
  • etc.


leather goods and textiles


  • training material
  • surveys
  • marketing materials
  • brochures
  • etc.


The price for a translation is calculated on the basis of standard lines (à 55 characters, including blank spaces). 

The source text is always the basis for calculation. Several factors, such as the level of difficulty (factual or specialised text), 

any additional services (proofreading, DTP,...), the delivery date (express delivery surcharges), etc. determine the final price for a translation.


For a more detailed quote, please send your documents as a MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel file. 

Once all the important details for the assignment are clarified, I will gladly prepare a non-binding quote for you!


I calculate my prices according to the translation rates recommended by 

the Austrian Association of Translators and Interpreters UNIVERSITAS.