Terminology Management


The use of structured, consistent and company-specific terminology (terminology management) is crucial for your corporate success. Terminology databases are a vital tool, as they are filled with your company-specific terms, and using them ensures that your corporate wording is used in the various texts or translations produced.

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Terminology databases

Using the latest translation technology, I store the specified terms and phrases (segments) free of charge in so-called translation memories and terminology databases. I will then use these terms for all of your future translations. Doing so, significantly improves the quality of the translation as your company-specific terminology and your corporate wording are used in a uniform and consistent way.


I would be happy to help you set up your own terminology database, which is talored to your specific needs!


  • Higher text quality through harmonzing your company-specific terminology, resulting in more straightforward information and a reduction of terminology-related errors.
  • time saving and cost reduction by reusing terminolgy in texts and translations.
  • consolidating your corporate Identity through consistent corporate wording (increase your customer loyalty and improve your competitiveness)
  • improving communication and supporting knowledge transfer (internally and externally)